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A Guide to Action if You Suspect Your Teen is Using Alcohol or Drugs

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About 50 percent of adolescents have tried at least one drink by the time they finish eighth grade. Educate yourself about teen alcohol and drug abuse; learn to identify the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and how to approach your child about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

A Guide to Action for Families

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This resource from the Surgeon General is a Call to Action to help prevent and reduce underage drinking. The guide provides information about underage alcohol use and its damaging effects. The guide also gives suggestions on how you can help end underage drinking in your home and community. For other helpful Call to Action guides visit Stop Underage Drinking.

Information Resource for Middle School Aged Children

The Cool Spot - Alcohol, Peer Pressure and Underage Drinking Info for Young Teens
This interactive website is designed with young teens in mind by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism. It provides information about alcohol and peer pressure in an engaging way and explains how to say no to the pressure of underage drinking.

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