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Teen with a Dream

Since 2003, Teen with a Dream Foundation has been helping children and teens with cancer. 

Started by Spencer Harrison during his own chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 14, each program is designed to combat the educational challenges, social isolation and emotional trauma as well as the financial stress of the cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Here are a few of our programs –

ART Therapy  - our newest addition provides the
patient, parents and siblings a weekly outlet to express
themselves under the guidance of our therapist.

Chemo Day Care Bags – provide a touch of cheer
and fun on treatment days.  

Child Friendly Environments – By providing cozy,
cheerful offices we reduce anxiety…every little bit helps.

DVD & Game System Libraries – stocked with the
newest movies and video games switching the focus
away from pain. 

Educational Support Programs – frequent absences,
hospitalizations and "chemo brain" plague the
student/patient causing additional stress.
Laptops & Internet access for online schooling
Tutor Hours are provided for additional help
College Scholarships for future academic success

Germ Lite Events –  these combat social isolation and
loneliness in a germ reduced environment that promotes
peer interaction. 

Germ Lite Movie Premier s –  A private screening in a Germ
Lite Environment that provides a much needed
break from treatment.

Giving Trees – Going to the doctor is bad enough and worse
during the holidays.  Our 2 decorated trees give the
child something to look anticipate and letting them choose
an "ornament" each visit produces smiles and giggles.

Parent Support Group – Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness,
guilt, stress, fear accompany you from diagnosis well into
survivorship.   By reducing the stress in the home the child
is better able to concentrate on healing.

In the past 6 years we have helped over 10,000 children with cancer and with your continued support we will reach more children and add more programs in 2010.

Thank you,
Spencer Harrison, Founder & Survivor

Care to make a donation? Visit www.teenwithadream.org and click on the donate now button.

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