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Q3 Innovations designs, develops and distributes innovative personal safety and monitoring devices.  We take pride in our commitment to research and develop the highest quality product lines and to introduce new innovative products that provide value to the end user.

AlcoHAWK Series

AlcoHAWK Product Lineup

The AlcoHAWK® Series, a full line of handheld digital breath alcohol screeners, are designed for personal and professional screening. The AlcoHAWK® Series meets Department of Transportation (DOT)/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards as a breath alcohol screener. The AlcoHAWK® Series units contain cutting-edge technology to screen for blood alcohol content levels, such as 0.02% and 0.08%, quickly and accurately. Click here for more information on the products in the AlcoHAWK® Series.

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ThermoHAWK Series

ThermoHAWK Product Lineup

The ThermoHAWK™ Series touchless, pen-sized thermometers allow you to instantly check the surface temperature of almost any object. The ThermoHAWK™ units contain a patent-pending thermopile sensor on a chip technology which provides unique advantages over the older pyrometer infrared sensors. This breakthrough technology is what allows the ThermoHAWK™ to be incredibly compact in size and does not require the units to be calibrated for years. The ThermoHAWK’s unique metal cylinder design is also able to prevent electromagnetic and electrostatic interferences during temperature measurement and eliminates the effect of ambient temperature changes to produce accurate temperature values. Click here for more information on the products in the ThermoHAWK™ Series.

UV HAWK Series

UV HAWK Product Lineup

The UV HAWK™ is the perfect tool to measure the intensity of ultraviolet light anytime, anywhere! The decreasing quality of the ozone layer can increase exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. These rays have been linked to sunburns, skin cancer, cataracts and immune system dysfunction. The UV HAWK™ quickly and easily tests the UV index and indicates the level of protection you need before enjoying time outside, on the beach, in the garden, on a bike ride; virtually anywhere one is exposed to prolonged sunlight. Click here for more information on the UV HAWK™.

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