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In Your Home

  • Monitor the performance of appliances like water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, stoves, etc.
  • Check how well your home’s insulation is working by inspecting window and door seals as well as the overall air temperature of the rooms.
  • Make your hobbies more enjoyable by monitoring soil temperature in your gardens, checking the temperature of aquariums, and monitoring the temperature during the beer or wine making process.

In Your Garage

  • Scan your automobile’s manifold to check for low compression.
  • Monitor your thermostat’s temperature.
  • Check your air conditioning and heater performance.
  • Find hot spots in wire connections.

Away From Home

  • Convenient and fast way to check water temperature before fishing or boating.
  • Eliminates leaning over the side of a boat or river bank and disrupting the water.
  • Check the cooking temperature of your camping fire or BBQ.
  • Monitor temperature conditions of your RV or other recreational vehicle.
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