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What are common uses of the ThermoHAWK™?
The ThermoHAWK™ can be used in a variety of applications test computer components for proper cooling; test RC car motors; industrial applications such as welding, painting, and glass making; home use such as cooking, bath water, and window seals. 

How far away from the test object should I hold the unit?
It depends on how large of an area you want to test.  The ThermoHAWK™ has a distance to spot ratio of 1:1.  For example, if you hold the ThermoHAWK™ 2 inches from your test object, you will be testing a 2 inch diameter circle.  Holding the ThermoHAWK™ 11 inches away from your test object will test an 11 inch diameter circle.

Can I use the ThermoHAWK™ to test my body temperature or the body temperature of someone else?
The ThermoHAWK™ is not designed for medical or clinical use and should not be used to test body temperature.

Can I test an object through glass or other transparent materials?
No.  The ThermoHAWK™ will display the temperature of the glass or transparent material itself, and not the temperature of the object on the other side.

What happens if I test an object above 230°F or below -27°F?
The ThermoHAWK™’s digital readout will display H when the object being tested is above 230°F and it will display Lo for objects below -27°F.

My device displays an error code such as ER1 or ER2, what does that mean?
This likely means the temperature of the unit and/or the temperature of the surrounding environment changed rapidly. For example, if you stored your ThermoHAWK™  in subzero temperature such as a car in the winter, and then took the device indoors and tried to use it immediately, the device will give an error code until it has warmed up to be closer to room temperature. 

Why does the ThermoHAWK™ not need a laser?
The ThermoHAWK™ is designed to be as small and compact as possible in order to easily be used to test in small, confined spaces such as computers and other electronics. The distance to spot ratio is set at 1:1 for this reason as well. Lasers are designed for bigger, bulkier units that are used to test large objects at greater distances.

What temperatures can the units test up to?
The ThermoHAWK™ 200 will test -33 to 110 degrees C (-27 to 230 degrees F).
The ThermoHAWK™ 420 will test -33 to 220 degrees C (-27 to 428 degrees F).

What kind of batteries do they use?
The ThermoHAWK™ 200, 220 and 420 each take two L1154 batteries.
The ThermoHAWK™ 420L takes two L1154 batteries and 1 AAA for flashlight operation. 

How do you switch between Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C)?
To switch the display between F or C, use a paper clip or pin head to press the C/F Switch to set the desired temperature display method. (Note:  The units come factory set to display in Fahrenheit (F).)

What is the ThermoHAWK 400UV?
This device incorporates the same features as the 400L model, except the LED flashlight is replaced with a UV light (black light).  This feature is very useful to detect refrigeration leaks in the industrial world. It is also great for other uses of black light such as antique inspection, art forgery/repair tests, detecting bacteria, club hand stamp screening, fabric and textiles, forgery Detection, glass and glass repair inspection, ID and document verification, mineral lighting and identification, manufacturing, party fun, pet and pest stains and reading invisible fluorescent inks.

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